A signed retainer agreement and a $1,000 initial payment means the exhilarating journey of finding your perfect piano commences. Most often, piano dealers provide a 5% net commission, in which case the $1,000 payment is refunded back to the client. If, however, a dealer does not provide the 5% commission, the balance of the 5% is the responsibility of the client.

PIANO LESSONS: Rates are based on 30 minutes and can be pro-rated:

Private: $60

Group rates per participant:

  • 3 participants: $30
  • 4 participants: $25
  • 5 participants: $20

Erica’s Patented Lesson: Read Music and Play Piano in 1 Lesson

  • Private: $200
  • 10 participants: $49/participant
  • 100 participants: $25/participant