Piano lessons with Erica are called “piano fun,”
and for good reason!

Q:What is your teaching philosophy?

A: Erica believes it is the teacher’s responsibility to understand the student, not the other way around. She has an uncanny gift in reverse-engineering the way people think, and then tailoring the way she speaks to match it. Her students know that if there is something they don’t understand, that is on Erica, and she then explains a concept in a different way until it’s clear.

Erica teaches to the musical interests of each student, and supplements it with repertoire the student may not even know exists! Whether students are interested in playing piano pieces from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary period, or if their interest leans more toward Pop, Erica works with the student in finding pieces they like, while ensuring that those pieces foster progress.

QWhere do piano lessons take place?

AErica is thrilled to offer the best options and equipment in her hybrid piano studio of both in-person and online lessons.

In-person private or group piano lessons take place in Erica’s piano studio, located right near Lincoln Center on NYC’s Upper West Side. Her warm and inviting studio is filled with music games and fun teaching tools, most of which were created by Erica herself during her many years of teaching piano.

Erica teaches online piano lessons as well, to long-distant students anywhere in the world along with students unable to come in person. Her online piano studio is complete with top notch technology, ensuring the best possible online communication.

QDo you teach children as well as adults?

AYes!! Erica teaches students from age 2 to age 102.

Piano lessons with Erica are called “PIANO FUN,” and for good reason! Imagine learning scales with “Piano Twister”!