Matching People to Pianos and Pianos to People


The powerful connection that Erica forges between a person and their piano has an element of genius. Having grown up in a home with 26 pianos, Erica always understood that every piano, like every person, possesses different traits. Trained as both a pianist and a teacher, Erica is able to speak the language of a master musician and also understand the needs of someone who wants to fulfill a desire to play. The key is for Erica to find the right match between the player and the piano.

For Erica, having the customer understand the new world of personality differences between pianos, a world that she can successfully describe and demonstrate to any client, is one of the most gratifying and fulfilling aspects of her life.

Every Piano is Unique

Every piano has a unique soul, just like the person who sits down to play it. While the mechanics and structure of a certain piano’s make, size, style, age, and price may be the same, there is an endless number of variables that account for how each piano will sound and feel. For that reason, Erica never pre-judges a piano until she sits down and plays a specific piano. Until then, its personality remains unknown.

Which One to Buy?

Perhaps it’s time to invite a top-tier piano into your life, and you need to know you are getting the right piano. Not only are you making a sizable investment, you are also purchasing an instrument poised to fulfill a vital role: bringing the joy of music into your home for a long time to come.

When walking into a showroom filled with top-tier pianos, it seems easy to fall in love many times over. Yet it is easy to select a piano that is not your match. Erica will assist you in assuring the piano you choose will meet your needs on every level at that moment in time and, equally important, for decades to come.

The piano business is not a regulated business. With 30 years of experience, Erica knows the ins and out of the piano business, and her impeccable standards do not allow for compromise of any sort during the selection process.

Pairing Pianos to People

Each piano that Erica meets that measures up to her standards goes into her mental memory bank, ready to be paired with a client whose needs are perfectly matched to the traits of that piano.

Driven by uncompromising standards, it is not unusual for Erica to send a customer home without having purchased a piano because she knows that in some cases the piano that a client is meant to own has not yet been born.

How Long Before Erica Finds My Piano?

Sometimes, the Piano Matchmaker can find your piano on the first day out. As she travels and visits showrooms housing the finest pianos throughout the world, Erica gets to know the personality of literally hundreds of pianos of all top-tier makes, thereby building her mental inventory of superb pianos and their whereabouts.

It may also be possible that the piano you are meant to own is not yet born. In this case, the search will continue as Erica meets new pianos just coming on the market.

Given the uncompromising philosophy that drives Erica, the process is about finding your match in whatever timeframe it may take.

Pairing People to Pianos

Erica’s uncanny talent for “meeting” a piano and knowing “who it is” instantly, in tandem with her sixth sense when meeting people, pairs these two gifts together and gives each of her clients the confidence they need to make the final, perfect choice.

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