Matching People to Pianos
and Pianos to People

The experience of purchasing a fine piano has been elevated into an entirely new dimension.

Erica Feidner is known worldwide as The Piano Matchmaker™ and for good reason. She is quite simply the best in the piano business at bringing together a customer and the piano they are meant to own.

Every piano is “born” with its own unique personality, with characteristics that can range from shy and subtle, to fiery and aggressive. Central to Erica’s belief is that the soul of the piano should mirror the soul of its owner. Her matchmaking philosophy of pairing an individual with their perfect piano brings excitement and focus to the grand adventure of purchasing a piano.

With an unparalleled background as a pianist, master piano teacher, and representative of top-tier piano makes such as Bösendorfer, Steinway & Sons, C. Bechstein, Yamaha, and Fazioli, Erica has created and maintained professional relationships in the piano business that allow her access to the inventory of the world’s top piano brands. The exclusive manufacturers that Erica chooses to represent offer extraordinary quality, name recognition, and status instantly recognized by individuals in the upper echelons of the music world.

In addition to evaluating a piano alongside a client, Erica has an amazing ability to help people realize their own abilities so that, like her, they can hear and feel the differences between pianos. The opportunity to introduce individuals to a new way of using their senses is Erica’s favorite challenge and one of her uncanny gifts.

Piano Matchmaker LLC is the best resource for identifying, locating, and introducing a client to an exquisite piano crafted by one of the finest piano makers in the world, a piano they were meant to own and share as part of their legacy. Erica Feidner’s matchmaking talent pairs an individual with this perfect piano. This is Erica’s unique and extraordinary gift.